Sex Positions

This blog is about the sex positions i did practice and some tips for special situations, as pregnancy, oral and anal sex and more.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

To practice sex during pregnancy is still taboo to a lot of people around the world. Man and women feel uncomfortable thinking that it may hurt the baby or the mother. But Sex during pregnancy is as normal as healthy. As the belly grows, the couple must learn to reach climax with other sexual positions. The main question is to be creative and to know how to explore the woman’s new shape. Some of the most recommended positions are:
Sex Position Woman on top: The woman sits on top of the man (that lays on his back) increasing or decreasing the pace of penetration. She can put her hands on the man’s chest, providing stability.
Sex Position Side by side: Man lays down sideways, facing the woman. She crosses her leg upon him, so that genitals can have free way to one another. According to the woman’s belly size, it can become a little bit difficult at the end of pregnancy period.
Sex Position Man sitting: a man sits down (in a chair or bed, for example) and the woman sits face-to-face on top of him, fitting the genital area, so penetration turns easy, with no discomfort at all.
Sex Position Hands and Knees: Woman goes on her fours, making no belly pressing at all while he penetrates her from behind. Depending on her belly bulk, there may even be placed in bed.
Sex Position Spoon: Woman goes lengthwise on recumbent position while he penetrates her from behind, effortlessly
Sex Position Bed edge: she lies facing up, on the bed edge with legs wide open. (A Pillow may be useful here). Her feet flat on the ground. The man can be either stand or lean over her.
Sex Position Leapfrog: This position can be more comfortable when she wants to avoid more enthusiastic thrusting and his body weight. In bed, she bends over her knees, sprawling her legs and leans forward. The man gets in from behind, preventing further belly contact.

These are the most common pregnancy sex positions, but couples must try everything within their grasp in order to fulfill their sexual needs throughout this period, so long as neither the mother nor the baby end getting hurt. During the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus can neither be felt and seen, but as soon as the belly grows, sex may feel somewhat uncomfortable. In searching for new positions, couples would find extraordinary new ways of love making, which may come in handy after such period.